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Boss Queens

This page is dedicated to the strong, creative women who are following their dreams, supporting each other and all of the exciting women-owned businesses around the world.

R.H. Austin is the dramatic voice behind Ari’s quirky and exciting newsletter adventures. Merging her theatrical instincts with her background as a journalist and tech writer, R.H. helps us experience the magic of Ari’s jewelry creations in a whimsical fantasy world.

Sofia Accetturo is in her senior year of high school and has been creating art ever since she can remember. She paints, sculpts and recently started designing and creating clothing. Art is her passion and she hopes to pursue it as a career in the future. Her creative IG is very new but check her out at: @Sofiaaccetturoart

Miranda Murphy is a high school sophomore who loves art, playing with her dogs and riding her horse Kash. Her artistic inspirations are “all over the place”. Her goals include becoming an equine veterinarian while continuing her artistic exploration. Miranda says “I’m so happy to be able to share my artistic passion with you!” 

Tenille Ramos is an ex-military hero and artist who supports MANY small businesses around the country. Her delicious scented wax melts warm our homes with seasonal smells. Find her at @tenillerramos. Says Tenille: “What do I love about Ari? Her pieces are made with love, and they’re truly one of a kind. Check her out!”