Formerly known as 1o2oak


Artisan East Handmade Jewelry and Crafts was born in January 2017 when Ari, owner and designer, woke up one day feeling inspired. She found some old beads and string in a drawer and decided to make a few bracelets for fun. It instantly became a new hobby, a passion and a daily activity. 

Friends started inquiring about purchasing bracelets on a regular basis and she began filling orders regularly. After a while she created a jewelry Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to her creations, which eventually led to her own Etsy page and grew in to a website of her own. Inspired by her yoga and small-town beach community, she found her surfer-bohemian-spiritual niche. 

Ari focuses on the rare natural qualities each crystal and stone provide, including their meanings and healing properties. She often creates custom orders for men, women and children, in addition to her pre-made pieces, specifically focusing on the emotional, physical or spiritual needs of each individual.

Artisan East stands for being a free spirit, doing what you love and being your true self!